DIY’s For Love and Loneliness

Valentine’s Day. A day of love and happiness. A day to spend with your significant other while proclaiming your love through Hallmark cards and giant teddy bears that have nowhere to go after February 14th. Unless, of course, you’re like me. Single, lonely, and sick of sidestepping people kissing in the hallways. But I’m fine. I’m not bitter. I actually have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. On one hand I like that it’s a day where you can celebrate your friends and family as well as a significant other, but on the other hand, PDA makes me gag.  Since I’m a procrastinator  and can’t manage my time well, this post is going up after Valentine’s Day. Despite that, I’m still going to show some Valentine’s DIY’s that I made with my friend. Some people may celebrate on the weekend, so I guess I still have time…and I mean there’s always next year.

Side note: All but one of these are card ideas so if you’re basic like me, these will be right up your alley.

For the lovebirds: To be honest, you could probably get all of these cards with the exact quotes on them from CVS, but I think homemade cards are more personal and mean more to the person you’re giving them to. And when you make them yourself you can add personal touches that make them special like inside jokes. Here’s some we made that you can recreate if you’re actually in love.pwfx8476


The only thing we made that isn’t a card is 52 Reasons Why I Love You. Basically, it’s a deck of cards that you make look super pinterest with twine, and then on each card you write something you love about your significant other. 52 reasons is a lot, so if you’re stuck, here are some ideas: I love: that you gave me your Netflix password, that you buy me food, your dog, your money. Really cute things.gido6635

For the bitter lemons: Even if you don’t have a Valentine’s date, cards are still fun to make, and maybe, if you do have someone, they’re as pessimistic as you and would appreciate these even more than the sappy stuff.


Thanks for reading! What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments. I hope it was fun!

xoxo Sonja

Bloopers/Outtakes/ Mess Ups brought to you by Miranda Ortega

Bloopers/Outtakes/ Mess Ups brought to you by Miranda Ortega



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