A Piano Prodigy?

I’ve always wanted to play the piano. I used to take lessons when I was little but I always ended up quitting because I wanted to play dress up and didn’t understand why I had to take my fairy wings off for my lesson. I started playing again when I was around 10, but I ended up quitting then too. The conclusion I’ve come to for the reason I kept quitting was the teachers and the lack of motivation. It’s not that the teachers were bad or the devil reincarnate; it was because of the fact that they were teachers. Getting home from school after having to listen to teachers and follow the rules, the last thing I wanted to do was listen to another teacher. Being told what to do took the fun away from what was supposed to be a hobby.


Nevertheless, 6 years later and I’ve decided I want to teach myself how to play the piano. My friend plays piano and taught me the notes, but the only teachers I really have are myself and strangers making tutorials on Youtube. In a way, it’s easier than having an in-person teacher. Instead of dreading the fact that you’re going to be forced to play the piano for a certain amount of time, you are genuinely doing it because you want to and are motivated to do it yourself.

I didn’t just suddenly decide to start playing on a whim again though. My motivation this time around was none other than the cinematic joy La La Land. The first time I saw Ryan Gosling playing Mia and Sebastian’ s Theme in a crowded restaurant, I knew I had to learn (says every pinterest hipster ever.) So I went home, pulled out my old keyboard, and prayed that my quitting tendencies wouldn’t kick in this time.

It’s been about a week since I started and my hand hurts and my playing is slower than a turtle walking through molasses, but I’ve memorized all of Mia and Sebastian’s Theme. I mean, it’s the easy version and my playing sounds painfully inelegant, but I still learned it.


What I was most nervous about when I started to learn was that I was going to find out that my left hand is actually as useless as I thought it was. It’s weird to think that  you have one hand that can do so much(write, draw, shake hands) and then another that just hangs there and maybe occasionally picks things up. The most I can do with both of my hands at the same time is pat my head and rub my tummy, and even my proficiency at that is questionable.  Basically, I can’t multitask, so having to use my left hand already seemed like a daunting task. Having practiced a little, I can’t say I’m a prodigy, but I also can’t say I’m a total failure either. With some more practice I think I can raise my skills to a somewhat adequate level.

Starting to learn the piano has taught me that if you really want to do something, stop putting it off. You know you want to do it, so just do it. There’s nothing stopping you. Do you guys play any musical instruments? If not, what’s your favorite ? Tell me in the comments!

Sincerely, Sonja


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