Let’s Eat! Making a Meal From Scratch

Bread and chocolate. The only things I need in life. Kind of.  Before I start making Oprah references, I’ll tell you why. This weekend I went over to my friend Sarah’s house and made homemade pasta and chocolate souffles. She also has a blog here on WordPress
called Making Memorable Meals, so go check it out to hear more about our cooking experience and find the recipes we used.

Sarah texted me on Saturday asking if I wanted to come over to collaborate on a post, and because I have no friends and I wouldn’t refuse anything to do with food, I of course said yes. The first thing we made was souffle, which was my choice because I like to choose the hardest thing and set myself up for disaster. It wasn’t a complete fail though and actually turned out pretty good. While baking, Sarah brought out the unsweetened chocolate and because I’m an idiot and like to live on the edge, I ate one and immediately regretted my entire existence. Tip: Don’t eat unsweetened chocolate. Also, when I say “we” made souffles, I mean Sarah made souflees while I snapped pictures and and occasionally stirred something to make it seem like I was helping. It was all worth it though because it tasted really good and when we paired it with mango ice cream it was even better.

In between recipes we took a break to relax and hang out and, because we’re literally the weirdest people, we ended up on a website that calculated how many people in the U.S have a certain name. Fun fact: There are 107 Harry Potters in the U.S…just thought that was an important fact to know. We could have spent eight years on that site but we were pulled back to the kitchen for the next recipe.

The next thing we made was homemade pasta. Like, actually made the dough and put it through a pasta maker-not from the store pasta. I can barely make pasta from the box so this was a whole new experience for me. Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and the process of making almost an entire meal by hand was really satisfying. Again, when I say I made the meal I mean Sarah and her mom who actually knew what she was doing made the meal.

At the end, the meal was amazing, the mess was atrocious, and I went home with extra souffle, so I’d call the day a win. Do you like to cook/bake? What’s ur favorite thing to make? Tell me in the comments!

Sincerely, Sonja


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