School Trip Survival Skills

If you’re anything like me, then the most appealing vacation to you is one where you’re snuggled up under a blanket, a warm drink in your hand, and the quiet sounds of freedom from the prison called school enveloping you. Unfortunately, I only had one of these things on the last trip I went on. Last week, my class went on a three day trip to Sequoia National Park. Of course, I was so grateful to be able to go on this trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery and be around nature. There was so much snow and I was constantly tempted to belt out Let It Go from Frozen but I also didn’t want to make lifelong enemies on the trip so I kept it in. With that said, it was also a class trip, and if you’re a high maintenance princess with social anxiety like myself, then those words are anything but a happy invitation. Fortunately, the place that we were staying did have a coffee machine, so at least I got the hot drink. So after my experience on my first, and probably last school overnight trip, I wanted to share some tips for surviving when you’re an intense introvert.

Tip #1 : Get some alone time.

Being around people during the school day is hard enough, so having to spend more than 24 hours straight with your peers is the definition of exhaustion. Take some time if you’re able to get away from people and spend some time alone. I was able to borrow a book from the lodge and sneak away to my room for a little bit while my roommates were out socializing. I got about 30 minutes to sit in solitude and be the antisocial human I am before I had to join civilization again, but they were needed.

Tip #2 : Talk to People?

So this may sound completely contradictory to my last tip but if you don’t want to spend your entire trip trying to find ways to be by yourself and do something fun, then talking to people you don’t know that well is a good place to start. Just like having alone time is important, so is stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Plus, if you do make friends, you can avoid the awkwardness of sitting alone in the corner pretending to be really interested in the initials carved on a table. This is still something I’m working on and it really is one of the scariest things I’ve done, but it’s worth it.

Tip #3 : Call Home

At the beginning of the trip, my teacher took our phones. I suddenly didn’t have the comfort blanket that I so desperately needed in times of silence. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to keep your phone, calling home is a comforting thing to do. It will give you an activity, and it will also make you feel like you’re still in touch with civilization and not like you’re learning to live the life of the Amish. I had to settle with calling my mom on the lodge landline and was incredibly grateful that she made me memorize her number. I didn’t have service, so having my phone wouldn’t help me anyway, but it would have been nice to not have had it surprisingly sprung on me that it would be taken before I could mentally prepare myself. (Just kidding it wasn’t that bad, but I did internally cry tears of joy when I got it back.)

There are many other ways to survive class trips, but these were all that I did because I don’t deal with situations well. I hope you took something away from this, whether it be an actual tip or just a deeper understanding of an introverts thought process. Do you like school trips? Do you have any other tips? Tell me in the comments!





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