Wandering the Streets of Venice

Last summer I got the amazing opportunity to go to Italy with my family. We went to Venice, Rome, and Calabria, and each place was absolutely breathtaking and looked like we had just walked in to a screensaver. But my favorite place was Venice. The ancient buildings and canals made me feel like I had stepped onto a movie set. Seeing the gondolas and patios seemingly floating on water made me feel like I was in Disneyland, where everything is picturesque and magical.

We did so many things there, it’s hard to remember everything. We went to galleries, old churches, went shopping, went on boat rides, ate food. Despite having a million activities to do, my favorite thing to do whenever I travel anywhere is to just walk around the city. Just walk around with no destination, no time limit, just exploring a world that’s so different from my own. Venice was the perfect place for this too, because it has no roads so you don’t have to worry about crossing streets or avoiding cars. Also, everything is so close together that you can literally walk everywhere. I loved aimlessly walking down cobblestone streets and across beautiful bridges, seeing artists with easels set up next to a canal and hearing a musician playing a violin around the corner. The night was my favorite. At night, the music would begin, the lights would turn on, reflecting off the water like diamonds. The stars would appear and the clinking of glasses would fill the restaurants.

One day early on in the trip, my cousin and I took a walk, wanting to explore what was around out hotel.There are so many small alleyways that lead somewhere and they make you feel like you’re going through a secret passageway. After wandering for a while, it had gotten a little dark, but with all the lights from the restaurants and stores, we weren’t worried. We finally came across a short alley that had an art studio at the end. Curious, we walked down and saw that the artist was having an open house. The studio was very small and packed to the ceiling with paintings propped against each other and in stacks. It had a very lived-in, cozy feeling with its warm lights and canvases doing balancing acts. Because it was so small, my cousin and I ended up being the only ones in there and she started having a conversation with the artist, who was a man who looked like he was in his seventies. Before I knew it, the artist was taking out a piece of paper and a single piece of charcoal and started to create a piece of art that only someone with years of experience and talent could do. Using only the charcoal, he drew the buildings of Venice that would take me hours to draw, but only took him minutes. The experience was surreal, and as we left the little studio, I couldn’t help but feel like we had found our own little gem in the middle of Venice.

I know I definitely want to go back to Venice someday. Have you been? Where’s the place that you most want to go? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Sonja


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