Hopping Into Easter

Happy late Easter! I hope it was sp-egg-tacular! I’ll let myself out. Easter is always a holiday I kind of forget about  and then when it does come around it always takes me by surprise. I know there’s a religious reason for why Easter is a thing, but the most religious thing my family does on Easter is try to say grace before brunch because we feel like it’s the right thing to do. Except my grandma doesn’t really understand how prayers work so while my dad’s talking the only other thing you can hear is my grandma’s commentary of “mmm’s” ah yes’s” and “trues”. It almost makes me look forward to it.

But since I’m not religious, Easter to me has become a commercial holiday of chocolate bunnies and egg puns. I’m not complaining though, I love the candy that comes with Easter and the fact that at that moment it has become seasonally appropriate to wear pastel florals. I also love that all the flowers are finally blooming and that everything looks pretty and fresh.

One of my favorite Easter activities is dying eggs. This year I only made two, but I think they’re ones for the books. My first was a pink monogrammed egg with a flower wreath around it because I’m classy, and my second I didn’t get a picture of but trust me it was pretty amazing. I didn’t really have a goal so I was just putting random things on with the help of friends and it basically turned into a glittery fairy stripper with blue pompom hair and fleeked eyeliner. Her name is Silver Star.

What would and Easter be without a classic egg hunt? Because my friends and I are actual five year olds, my friend Sarah set up an epic Easter egg hunt with prices and everything. I’m not a competitive person at all, but it was still fun. That’s me saying that I didn’t win anything. After that we just ended up lying on the grass eating the candy from our eggs and hanging out. It was the perfect way to end a great Easter.

What’s your favorite part about Easter? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Sonja


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