A Few of My Favorite Things

Monthly favorites go by, but at the end of the day there are always some things that you keep going back to. The things that you would save first if your house caught on fire. Besides like, yourself and pets. Usually these objects have a story behind them or are sentimental for some reason…or you just really like them and they have no meaning whatsoever but it’s usually the former. These are some of my “save in a fire” or just ” like a bit more than other things”things.

My first thing is this clock that sits on my bookshelf in my room. My grandma got this for me when we went to Paris. We went to a chateau that was the home of Nicolas Fouquet, a finance minister to King Louis XIV, called Vaux le Vicomte. When we went into the gift shop she said we could pick out anything we wanted and I chose this little clock. It’s definitely the best thing that I got from that trip and something I’ll  hopefully have forever.

My second object is my pointe shoes from the years that I was a ballet dancer. Although these shoes were the actual worst and destroyed my feet on a daily basis, they remind me of when I used to do ballet all the time, and I know that when I’m not dancing anymore that I’ll want them to remind me just how much I love to dance. Also, they’re super pretty so they make good decoration.

My next object is a gift that my friend made me for my birthday. It’s a small piece of wood with the deathly hollows symbol from Harry Potter on it made with string. I love this gift because I know she put a lot of effort into it and it reminds me of all my friends and how we’re all such nerds.

My last object is a painting of dancers that my grandma got for me. My grandma’s an artist, so I know she put a lot of thought into what painting she got for me and it’s special to have something that in a way is important for her.

What’s your favorite thing? What does it mean to you? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Sonja


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