Dance It Out

Dance performances can be stressful. Actually, dance performances ARE stressful. They’re a collection of wrinkled costumes, ripped tights, false lashes, and sleep deprivation. All this while still trying to get our normal schoolwork done and look like we’re having the time of our life onstage while in reality, someone may have just broke their toe backstage and we can’t find our  teacher.

Dress rehearsals have started for the school dance production that I’m in and it has been so much fun, but I also feel like I could sleep for eight days.  But it’s not even the dancing that makes me so tired, though it is tiring, but the constant changing from costume to costume, trying to rush to the wings to get in line for the next dance. For my first dance, I’m wearing homemade diamond chokers and bracelets that are held together by safety pins, but I definitely feel less than safe when I have one dance to get them off and change into my next costume without puncturing my neck and wrists in the process. By the time that’s over I’m already sweating just from the adrenaline.

Of course with performances comes extreme stage makeup. Putting on glitter and thick false lashes is so much fun to do with your friends…for one night. When it gets to the second day my skin is screaming at me not to clog up its pores again but I still gotta do it. Everyone always looks so good with their red lipstick and blinding highlighter and it’s easy to forget that everyone else isn’t wearing that much makeup until you walk outside and people give you funny looks because you look like a sweaty clown.

All the late nights and hard work pays off though, because the performances are so much fun and even if you mess up it doesn’t matter because all your friends are still cheering you on in the audience.  I’ve been performing in dance shows all my life, but the school dance shows have always been the most fun, and this may be my last one so I’m hoping to just enjoy it.

Do you dance? Do you like performing? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Sonja


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